SiteSUPER’s Vision

Developed with the goal to modernize the construction industry, SiteSUPER is paving the way for the future.

The SiteSUPER System

Autonomous Construction Site Management 

Our patented hardware and software technology come together in one centralized system to improve data security, workflow process, and efficiency. SiteSUPER eliminates the major inefficiencies by using the most advanced technology to modernize every phase of construction. The end product is a verifiable record of construction containing proof of every part installed, persons involved, and every related document. 


Backed by Experience

With three generations of construction industry experience, SiteSUPER was made with the knowledge of the issues that permeate the building process.


Black Ink Technology Based

The basis of every BIT company are the triangles of truth that underlie every transaction and allow for physical objects to be paired with digital assets. At the initial capture event, the kiosk records the biometrics of participants, time, location, and the unique identification of a physical object. 

This concept has revolutionized every industry they have entered helping to streamline operations saving businesses both time and money. Blockchain technology makes it all possible by immutably storing the data increasing transparency as the information can be viewed at any point by any stakeholder. 

Three years in the making, Black Ink Tech saw the potential in the technology early on and acted on it to create the centralized system that is at the center of their platform. BIT has already been awarded multiple patents for this technology and has even more pending.


Learn more about our parent company and how our technology is revolutionizing multiple industries from healthcare to parking management.

Patented Technology

Out of all the Black Ink Tech companies, SiteSUPER has been awarded the most patents.  


Site Supervisor System for Construction Sites

Patent # 16/456,076 - Pending

SiteSUPER combines hardware and software into one comprehensive system. The hardware comes in the form of a kiosk that construction companies can use to collect and track project data, including:

  • Using biometrics to immutably track employees, vendors, inspectors, and anyone else coming on the construction site

  • Materials arriving on the construction site

  • A complete record of every component in the home and important information about maintenance

  • Keep track of who completed the work and who inspected the work 

  • Record of how the project was insured and funded


Real-time data ensures that projects are on track and on budget. This solution provides future stakeholders with a data set for:

  • Maintenance

  • Warranties

  • Insurance

  • Legal issues


This data is also immutably tied to smart contracts so that every appropriate party is compensated when their job is done.

Use of Blockchain-Based Distributed Ledger to Reference Construction Metadata and to Use Smart Contracts for a Construction Project - SiteSUPER

Patent # 10/713,737 - Awarded

A record of a construction project on a blockchain-based distributed ledger, may include:


  • Record of materials arriving to a project

  • Record of the construction schedule

  • Record of full project details, including: 

    • A complete record of plans

    • Actual “as builts,” including the make, model, serial/identification number for every component used in the construction project

    • A complete record of who completed the work, and how the work was insured and funded 


Smart contracts may be tied to each stage of the construction project to pay employees and third-party contractors. Smart contracts can also be used to place or terminate insurance coverage based on the construction schedule and contracts. 


This ledger can be used for warranties, insurance and confirmed Building Information Model (BIM) and/or Bill of Materials (BOM).

Use of Blockchain-Based Distributed Ledger and Smart Contracts for a Construction Project - SiteSUPER

 Patent # 16/510,642 - Awarded

Records for construction projects are stored on the blockchain, and can include:


  • Record of materials arriving at a construction site 

  • Record of who completed the work, who inspected the work, and how the project was insured and funded

  • Actual “as-builts” with all associated information, including the make, model, and serial number or other identification for every component in the home

  • May receive or determine a construction schedule, and will include full project details and sequencing


Smart contracts can be linked to each step or task of the construction project. Smart contracts may also be used to replace or terminate insurance coverage based on the construction schedule and contracts.

Digital Asset System for Management of Projects and Materials - General

Patent # 16/876,080 - Pending

A system that confirms an event and/or project to ensure it meets specifications and/or requirements. The system confirms the location, time, what, and who is in compliance with all regulatory requirements or designed specifications and requirements.

The certificate of regulatory compliance and the certificate of completion combine to create a digital record of the construction project on the blockchain, and can include:

  • Inspections 

  • Labor requirements 

  • License requirements 

  • Contract requirements 

  • Insurance requirements 

  • Payments 

System for management of verification of insurance risk and insurance events

Patent # 16/997,840 - Pending

Confirmed data-driven certificates allow stakeholders to verify compliance and manage coverage amounts with numerous insurance poicies required or wanted on a project site. Insurance can be in relation to:

  • Materials 

  • People 

  • Events

System for management of verification of project commencement and completion

Patent # 16/994,585 - Awarded

The SiteSUPER kiosk can be used to access information that is stored on their immutable platform using blockchain. Any authorized user will be able to:

  • Retrieve the building information model

  • Retrieve a bill of materials representing physical construction materials ordered and available 

  • Retrieve records for the workers assigned to the project

  • Retrieve insurance coverage information

  • Determine if the insurance coverage is sufficient according to the building information model

  • Retrieve a financial commitment

  • Retrieve building permits

  • Create a certificate of commencement and completion verified by the fixed location of the kiosk and according to:

    • The bill of materials

    • Confirmation of material delivery

    • Set of worker records: Insurance initiation 

    • Financial information 

    • Permits and authorizations 

View all of Black Ink Tech’s patents on their website


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