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SiteSUPER’s Vision

Paving the way for the future with blockchain technology to create a more efficient and transparent building process.

The SiteSUPER System

Autonomous Construction Site Management 

SiteSUPER’s patented hardware and software technology come together to create an all-encompassing solution unlike anything else on the market. 


With decades of combined experience in the construction industry, SiteSUPER founders sought to create a system that would solve not just one but multiple inefficiencies found on a job site that can cause delays and additional costs. The development of blockchain technology provided the foundation to create a system to do just that.


The SiteSUPER kiosk pairs physical, real-world objects with digital assets and mines data from these items, as well as other data that runs through a job site, and stores all of that information on an immutable database. The system uses this data to autonomously update project processes and implement smart contracts, increasing the efficiency of a job site. 


Additionally, all this information is verifiable and readily available to contractors, stakeholders, insurance, and other appropriate parties, creating more transparency. The end product is a verifiable record of construction containing proof of every part installed, persons involved, and important related documents.


Learn more about the SiteSUPER system and how its features can eliminate inefficiencies on your job sites.

SiteSuper kiosk

Backed by Experience

With three generations of construction industry experience, SiteSUPER was created with extensive knowledge of the issues that permeate the building process.

Patented Technology

SiteSUPER has been awarded more industry-specific patents than any other Black Ink Tech company.


Proudly Black Ink Technology

Three years in the making, Black Ink Tech saw the potential in blockchain technology early on and went on to create the system at the center of their platform. BIT has applied for and been granted multiple patents for this technology– for both the general process and industry-specific applications. 


The basis of this system is the triangles of truth, which allows the pairing of physical objects to  digital assets. At the initial capture event, the kiosk records the biometrics of participants, time, location, and the unique identification of the physical object. This data is then stored immutably on the blockchain and is available for any stakeholder to view at any time. 


This concept has revolutionized every industry it has been applied to and has helped streamline operations, saving businesses time and money.

Learn more about how Black Ink Tech is transforming multiple industries, from finance to parking management.

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