Our patent hardware and software technology works together to solve multiple issues at every level of the building process on one comprehensive platform. Take a deep dive into all of the essential features our system has to offer. 


Our Revolutionary System

SiteSUPER doesn’t just solve one problem in the industry, but multiple problems at every level of the construction process.


In an industry that has largely yet to modernize, SiteSUPER is bringing much needed change to the job site. 


A real-world bi-directional oracle acts as the hub of the site making a record of everything that comes in and out of the site, including workers, inspectors, and construction materials. In addition, the kiosk can monitor the site day and night alerting authorities at the first sign of trespassers or intruders. 

All of the data collected from the kiosk is then stored on a centralized database that tracks and updates project progress, and is available to view by any stakeholders of the project.

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SiteSUPER Core Features

delivery automation.jpg

Delivery Automation

Site Project Managers are able to request materials through the platform, suppliers are notified, supplier delivers materials, delivery scanned and verified. Contractors are then notified of the delivery, data is sent to insurance, and payment is sent to the supplier.


Track Inspections

In the same way employees are tracted, so too can inspectors. Through the SiteSUPER system, inspections can be scheduled, verify inspector arrival and departure, track inspector performance, as well as track results.


Smart Contracts 

Once an inspector verifies work is completed to standards, SiteSUPER data is used to execute smart contracts that effectuate payments to the contractor and laborers instantly.


On-Site Project Management

Automatically tracks labor sequences and updates job statuses automatically so that everyone can stay on the same page about project progress.


Employee Tracking

Employees check in and out at the kiosk where biometrics, location, and time are immutably recorded on the blockchain for a more efficient and accurate way to track employee hours.

securit camera.jpg

24/7 Security

The kiosk is equipped with a security camera and geofence monitoring for day and night protection. It can even alert authorities when intruders are detected.