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SiteSUPER takes your construction management to the next level. These are the core features that make it happen.


Our Patented System

SiteSUPER utilizes both hardware and software technology to create a comprehensive system that solves multiple problems in the construction process.


A real-world bi-directional oracle acts as the site’s hub, recording everything that comes in and out of the site, from construction materials and tools to workers and inspectors. 


The SiteSUPER kiosk utilizes the triangle of truth, capturing the who/what, where, and when of every transaction that is immutably recorded on the blockchain. For example, when materials are delivered to a job site, the kiosk will scan the biometrics of the delivery person and the unique identifier attached to the materials. This data will be recorded along with the GPS location and time. 


This system can be applied to many different processes on the site, including tool tracking, employee time tracking, and more.

Talk to a representative today to learn how SiteSUPER can make your job site more efficient.

SiteSUPER Kiosk

24/7 Security

Protect your job site around the clock with geofences and security cameras that alert authorities in cases of emergency.

Projects with Power

Ability to shut down electricity to a project


Retinal or fingerprint scanners record biometrics of workers, delivery personnel, inspectors, etc. 

Weather Monitoring

Track and record the weather for insurance purposes

Interactive Screen

Easy-to-use interface with instructional videos that anyone can use

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