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Building a Concrete Future

Using immutable ledger technology to improve efficiency and accuracy across construction management processes.

Modernizing the  Construction Industry

SiteSUPER is the only construction management solution that utilizes both hardware and software technology in one comprehensive package to address issues at every level of the building process. 


Many companies have attempted to modernize the industry with digital platforms or form templates but generally address only one part of a multi-faceted issue. The founders of SiteSUPER have decades of combined experience in the industry and saw the potential in Permanent Data Source and/or Immutable Ledger Technology to create an all-encompassing solution. 


SiteSUPER uses kiosks that act as hubs on job sites, pairing physical items like tools and supplies with digital assets and storing them on an immutable blockchain database. These digital assets, along with additional data and information related to the project, can be accessed by all stakeholders, including contractors, insurance companies, and homeowners.


The result is a more efficient and transparent way to build and do business in the construction industry.

Learn more about how SiteSUPER can improve business processes at every level.

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Having three generations of construction industry experience under our belt gives us unprecedented knowledge of this industry.

Jeremy Blackburn, CEO & Founder

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SiteSUPER combines hardware and software technology in one comprehensive package

The first of its kind, a real-world bi-directional oracle that centralizes all of the data that runs through a site daily. The kiosk acts as a hub for the job site with an intuitive interface that anyone can use. From ordering materials to logging employee hours, SiteSUPER increases efficiency and accuracy at every point in the building process and automatically updates upon milestone completion to keep everyone on the same page.

Bring your job site into the future with SiteSUPER.

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The Hub of the Job Site

Automatically updates job status to track project processes easily

Streamline business operations, including ordering and delivering materials

Easily track employee hours using biometrics

Schedule inspections, verify inspector’s arrival, departure, and results

Security cameras and geofencing monitor the job site 24/7

Learn more about all of the features SiteSUPER has to offer.

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Proudly Black Ink Tech

SiteSUPER is a part of a bigger revolution headed by parent company Black Ink Tech. BIT’s patented hardware and software technology serves as the foundation for SiteSUPER. BIT is applying this technology to a wide range of industries, from healthcare to sports memorabilia. 


Black Ink Tech has filed for and been granted multiple patents for this technology– for both the general process and industry-specific applications. BIT’s patent list for Permanent Data Source and/or Immutable Ledger Technology and its applications continues to grow, giving the company a competitive edge.

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